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SymbolHack screenshots

Pop-up symbols palette Palette editor

SymbolHack lets you quickly access hard-to-write symbols by popping-up a symbols window whenever the Keyboard is accessed. SymbolHack provides for a configurable symbols table and optional screen positioning for left-handed or right-handed users.

The Keyboard is still accessible: simply tap the 'Keyboard' button at bottom on the SymbolHack pop-up window, and the original Keyboard is displayed.

Note that you can still directly access the Keyboard window by using the Keyboard menu command, or by tapping the hot corner of the Graffiti area that has not been assigned to SymbolHack.

SymbolHack comes in two versions: one for PalmOS 1.x devices (Pilot 1000 and Pilot 5000 models with original ROM), and one for all other Palm and compatible devices.

SymbolHack is shareware, US $6

SymbolHack is a system extension. It is not an application, and can not be run alone. To install it, you first need to install an extension manager like X-Master, HackMaster or other system extension managers.

We recommend that you use X-Master, a powerful, compatible and free replacement for HackMaster. In addition to being fully compatible with HackMaster, X-Master has been designed to run on all version of PalmOS (even the most recent) and provides improved and easier user-interface to manage hacks (the casual name for system extensions).

Go to the X-Master Web Site

Compatibility note: SymbolHack is not compatible with Palm OS 5 devices yet.


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Download SymbolHack 1.1
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